Learn To Play Sic Bo At Online Casinos

Quite often, gaming is not the matter of luck. Experienced gamblers know it takes in-depth analysis to win some of gambling games. The best known games are Roulette, Poker, Blackjack. These card games are known for a long time, being of European and American origin.

Sic Bo is a game of Chinese origin. It follows particular rules to play. You can learn playing it quite quickly, despite the fact that it is not a usual casino game. However, here luck determines a lot.


Sic Bo Or Precious Dice

As all things of Asian origin, this game has specific logic behind it. The game was developed on the basis of old Chinese dice game. It is quite hard to win. However, the rules seem to be simple. They are quite similar to those in Chuck-a-Luck.

The special feature of this game is that whatever strategy you apply, it can’t guarantee you 100 percent victory. Little can be predicted.

Sic Bo is quite popular in Asia. It also gains popularity at European casinos. There is not much difference between real time and virtual versions. The basic principles are the next. There are three dices on the gaming table. There are several bet options present. The player has to place a wager on one of them. After the dices are shaken in the plastic cylinder. When the results are shown, the winners are determined. The player gets the prize that corresponds to the odds on the table.


Learn To Play Sic Bo Well

There are several rules you have to know about Sic Bo. You can bet small and big numbers. If your bet is a big one, but dices’ total a number is from 4 to 10, you lose. If you go for big bet, and dices show the number from eleven to seventeen, you win.

This game really depends on luck. But you can make yourself more fortunate.

  • Bet different numbers. Do not bet either big or small all the time. That strategy will not be successful. Even such game as Sic Bo follows rules of statistics. The probability you get two small numbers one by one is rather small.
  • Bet on triples. For many people it is quite unusual, but this strategy works. Bet on 333, 555 or other triples.
  • Single number bet is possible. It has low chances to win. However, if you win you will get a good prize.

Sic Bo is ideal for risky people who like to play at online casinos. It is far less complicated as Poker or Blackjack, and does not demand intricate strategies.

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